Start WSO2 Developer Studio Eclipse pack on a Mac for the first time

You have to do few steps before you start the WSO2 Developer Studio  Eclipse pack for the first time in your MAC computer. Otherwise you cannot start the eclipse(Developer Studio)  by double-clicking the Eclipse icon in <DevStudio_Home> for the first time, Open a terminal and go inside  the developer studio pack cd <DevStudio_Home> Go to […]

Tree command on Mac OS

This post shows how you can install tree command on MAC OS. Simply you can install tree command using  MacPort package manager. run this command on your terminal: sudo port install tree Also you can use package managers like HomeBrew(brew) and Fink HomeBrew : brew install tree Fink : fink install tree

Getting Meld work on Mac OS X

Meld is a very good tool for file comparison and merging activities. Here are some simple steps  that anyone can easily install Meld  on Mac OS. Install MacPorts Installation information can be found  in : MacPort installation Before installing MacPort, you have to install Xcode and the Xcode Command Line Tools  if your computer doesn’t have them. Open your […]